With the introduction of its pixel sibling Pixel 3A, Google introduced a new Time lapse mode for taking pictures at an interval and creating a video of them. The mode is now rolling out to existing Pixels via an update to the Google Camera app. Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2XL, and Pixel 1 have already…Continue Reading “Google’s new camera update brings time lapse mode and RAW images compatibility in night sight to existing pixels”

Data scientist course in Delhi can help you prepare for the professional life

Nobody would question the fact that business intelligence is enabling organizations worldwide to capitalize on the ocean of growth opportunities adeptly.  The emergence of business intelligence has indeed been a force that organizations reckon with as it has empowered them to comprehend customers’ expectations adroitly and come up with a more appropriate solutions that can…Continue Reading “Data scientist course in Delhi can help you prepare for the professional life”

In this age of information, Internet has become integral part of our life. Now, a normal house in any urban area and suburbs will have an Internet modem connection via fiber. However, the port-to-port cable connection is losing sheen as it will leave a trail of long messy and intertwining cables in between rooms, if…Continue Reading “Read these 5 tips before buying a Wi-Fi router for your home”

In the data entry services, maintaining good quality based information is always necessary. Many studies have revealed the truth that in this service approximately 75% of industry valuable information are typically missing and around 50 % of the recorded data is incomplete that creates a huge problem for the industry. How to improve the data…Continue Reading “How to Improve Data Entry Quality via Outsourcing?”

The demand for the custom apps services is rising day by day. As there is the huge advancement of the technology and online services it is very significant o deal with reliably with online apps services. Whether there is the small, medium or large scale based business activities shaving a reliable custom application services is…Continue Reading “How to Gain the Excellent Custom Development Reliable Services”

How to Build Huge Audience with Social Media Marketing

If you are well aware of what you can do with social media channels personally, you can estimate their scope in businesses as well. Popular celebrities, models and even big business brands are making the use of these social media channels to make things go viral. While the personal news about such celebrities can have…Continue Reading “How to Build Huge Audience with Social Media Marketing”

Get some options to pay your mobile bills: Its Easy and simple

The world has gone online today. Everyone is using the online services to manage their work. The online services are used to making the payments and for the recharge purpose also. People are using the mobile phone with prepaid connection and so it is needed to recharge the mobile phone regularly. It is cumbersome to…Continue Reading “Get some options to pay your mobile bills: Its Easy and simple”