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Hey, guys! This video is full of brilliant beach life hacks that you totally should try this summer: –

Protect your phone from water and sand and put it into a Ziplock bag

– Mesh laundry basket is a perfect item to store beach toys and get rid of sand

– Use the carabiner to attach your flip flops to a beach bag – Check out how to make a sun tattoo using a sunscreen

– Freeze Aloe vera gel in ice cube trays to cool your skin after a sunburn – Use an empty bottle from sunscreen to store valuables when you relax at the beach

– Turn your trousers into an emergency life jacket – Use pop tab to quickly fix broken flip flops

– It’s a very annoying situation when you need to wash your hair after swimming but beach douche doesn’t work. If it happened, make a douche out of a plastic bag

– Use a fitted sheet to get rid of sand

– Easily defog your scuba mask using fire flame and toothpaste. Watch the full tutorial in our video and enjoy the underwater world

– We know a genius way to deflate pool toys using a binder clip. You will need a binder clip to apply pressure to the valve

– Turn your towel into a comfortable beach bag that you can easily wash in a washing machine

– You should learn the first aid instructions for heat stroke.

Follow first aid steps: find a shadow and lay down, elevate the feet, apply the damp cloth on neck and chest, and give cold water to the person. If necessary, call an emergency

– Do not forget to hydrate your body during summer days and we know how to make a hydrating spray for your skin. Using a blender mix aloe vera gel, cucumbers, water, and lemon juice. This mixture perfectly hydrates your skin


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