How to remove a pissed consumer

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Nowadays, everyone is free to express their views. All a person needs is an internet connection and a valid email Id. For a consumer or a user, it does not take a lot of effort to post a negative review about a particular brand but it surely takes a lot away from the reputation of the company. That is why pissed consumer removal is of extreme importance. Just like the rip-off report, removing a pissed consumer is not that easy. It requires a court order but unlike a rip-off report, you can ask a consumer to take back their comments by convincing them. Once they take it back, your problem is solved for now. 
Although you still have to maintain a sort of touch with their experience regarding your product.
Getting a consumer to remove their complaint is not an easy task. As a business, you need to formulate a strategy for that as well. So, we would like to present you with 4 peaceful ways to remove consumer complaints -:
  • Comment directly on the post which is negatively publicized. You do not have to reply back with a rage rather you must be polite and cool. Remember, the post will be in the debates because now you as a brand has gotten involved in the conversation. You cannot allow the consumer to have the last word, do your best to confront them. If the comments on the post are baseless and have no authenticity to them, you must try to be cautious as you don’t want to get into a war of words and let your potential customers see that. Moreover, you must remember that you don’t use the name of any brand or business as it will highlight and trend the post even more.
  • Convince the person who commented to bring it down. For that you need to know the identity of the person who commented, he may be a jerk or someone on the social world who just hates you for no good reason. Commenting on the post with your email address and an ideal confronting to “make things better” is a right way to start.  Once you are connected to them, it is your duty to make them feel better about your product, eventually asking them to take their reviews down.
  • The formal way of getting the consumer to remove their comment is by using them in the court. This will involve a whole lot of effort and everybody is required to spend good time and money for a nominal review. Now, since the consumer I not ready to remove the comment even after confronting, this step is a must to safeguard the company’s reputation. Both the parties have the right to hire their lawyers. As per the judge’s orders things goes, so you have to win the case in order to get the consumer to remove the comment. Make sure that you are quite assured of the facts and consequences before taking this step.

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