5 Things You Can Do To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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Zombies and  vampires are works of fictions, aren’t they?
It is the age of biological advancements and developing a devastating virus against the country of enmity is not actually a big deal in the current scenario!

So what should we do to survive a potential zombie apocalypse? Here are five things, I thing you can do in such a scenario!

First thing you should do is to make a safe shelter! So either while you make your dream home , put these points in mind or make a safe shelter after the outbreak with these points in mind.

#1 Camoufle your home with the surrounding green grass
#2 Put up electric fencing around your home( Will zombies get electrocuted? I don’t know, but I hope YES!)
#3 Make an underground floor which is fully equipped with food, water and electricity, in case the other parts are possessed by zombies
#4 Make easy escape routes so that you can go out in case of an emergency
#5 Make energy from renewable sources such as sunlight, wind… So even if the electricity provided by the city failed, you have power.
#6 Set up security cameras around your home and make the arrangements to monitor it.
#7 Be equipped with weapons such as guns, knives, hammer,…

For survival you need food, water and shelter. So we discussed about shelter,now coming to food. 
To do our day-to-day activities, we need energy and for that we need food. In such a dangerous situation ,going out to gather food will not be wise so instead you will have to grow your own food.

Grow vegetables like tomato, potatoes… which will give you enough energy to survive.
Better make these vegetable gardens in more than one area of your home, so even in case, some zombies took over one place, you have a back-up!


This way, you can avoid the situation to go out of shelter to gather water. And without someone to maintain, all other water distribution systems in the city would have been a mess. And in the worst scenario, you can even find human remains in the contaminated water you get. So make sure the well is in the safest place possible. Your body can survive with water alone for 6-8 weeks depending on your weight.

To survive after that, you will need food, so grow veggies near the well too.


Team up with other survivors. Invoke the hidden scientists in the team and try to find a cure or a prevention drug. If you become virus resistant ,then it will be easy to make the city zombie free. 


Try to cure the disease for the partially infested ones with the medicines you developed. And eradicate the incurable ones to make the city free of zombies. Get the help from neighboring countries also and with the help of military, government and the remaining survivors, it will not be so difficult to make the zombies vanish from the city. And we will have to keep on working on the prevention so if the virus comes back, it won’t survive!



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