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Huge banners are a well-known method used for marketing of brands. Usually, the heavyweight vinyl, which is also known as PVC, is used for making the Vinyl Banners. The weight of Vinyl Banners can range from 200 grams to 900 grams per square yards. It can be made single or double-sided, based on the requirements. Grommets can be incorporated in the banners for them to be hung. Large banners can be made so large that they can cover up a whole building. These large banners are printed on a special type of mesh PVC material.

Printing of the banners:

The printing methods of Vinyl Bannersdepend on the type of the banner. A Vinyl Banner based on its type can have a lifetime of 3 or 5 years. The printing techniques are as follows:

1.      Digitally printed banners:

This category uses various kinds of inks for printing reasons such as aqueous, eco-solvent, UV-curable inkjet inks and many more. Among the mentioned ones except for the aqueous type of ink, every other type of ink is durable because they can offer harsh weather and UV fadedness resistivity. Large format inkjet printers are mainly used by big manufacturers such as HP, EFI, Vutek and many others. Huge banners that are wider than large format banners can be printed by using grand format inkjet printers that have a width greater than 2.5 m. These printers possess computer-controlled airbrushes that can print the ink over the banner directly. The maximum rate for printing, at which current grand format inkjet printer technology can cover the area of the banners is 280 m2 per hour.

2.      Vinyl lettered banners:

This type of printing has now become old in the market. In this printing method, the banners are made by adding letters made by vinyl cut via a computer-driven vinyl cutter. The letters are attached to the banners by the use of self-adhesive. Large format printing has replaced this style almost completely.

3.      Screen printed:

This type of printing is the fastest method available in the market for printing Vinyl Banners right now. In this method, Vinyl Banners are produced by screen printing. High-end multi-color screen presses can print up to a speed of 1000m2 per hour. Although its speed is higher than the digitally printing method but due to cost effectiveness this method is only used for printing a large number of same Vinyl Banners.

4.      Painted:

This printing method is not used anymore because of the rise in modern printing methods for creating Vinyl Banners. This type of printing banners are made through manual labor i.e., hand printed graphics and letters. It is obvious this method was abandoned due to the time spent on building a single banner.


Finishing refers to polishing the model and making it more application-friendly before it goes out. Some of the usual finishing tricks performed on Vinyl Banners are:

1.      Hems:
This is basically used for every Vinyl Banner finishing. Hems give the owner the allowance for safe-placing of grommets on the banners that make it possible for them to be hung or fixed.

2.      Grommets:
Grommets are ring-shaped objects used for the finishing of the Vinyl Banners. These ring-shaped grommets usually have the inner diameter of 12.5 mm. Ropes, clips, bungee cords or other items can be attached to the banner by passing them through the grommets. This is done by increasing the aid for fixing the banners.

3.      Pole Pockets:
Vinyl Banners have another finishing named as pole pockets. Usually, they are placed at the top or at the bottom of the banners. A loop is formed by the same material as the banner which is taken continuously from it. The loop is attached at its place by high-frequency weld, stitching or banner hem tape. Sometimes, these are used in a combination to make the pole pockets more strongly attached. Large banners usually possess their pole pockets at the bottom for holding a bulky bar held on one side for creating enough tension in the display and for stopping it from bulging up.

Applications of Vinyl Banners:

Usually, any kind of banner is used for promotional reasons. Vinyl Banners are no exception. As vinyl itself is a flexible material alongside with being portable; they can be seen almost everywhere. Vinyl Banners may be used as billboards, table banners, trade show banners, festival banners, and even used for stadium flags. Quality Vinyl Banners apply hem outside of the banners for ensuring superb security for the grommets. And this is crucial for the banners that are going to be held in windy places. When the wind blows at high speeds due to the loose fastening of grommets on the hem of the Vinyl Banner, the grommets have a chance of tearing out from the banners, which can be fatal.

Therefore, these were some of the processes involving printing, finishing, Lucky Patcher Apk and applications of Vinyl Banners in the world of marketing. 

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