3 Ways to save WhatsApp Stories to your phone

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Whatsapp has evolved so much in the past couple of years with so many features since its Facebook acquisition. What was once a simple chatting app is now equipped with various features including video call, voice call, Whatsapp stories, GIF and much more. One of the most talked about features in Whatsapp is its Snapchat like stories.

3 Ways to save WhatsApp Stories to your phone

With this feature, you can upload either video or photo with or without a message in it. Also, it is end-to-end encrypted and gets deleted automatically after 24 hours. Adding to that, the user cannot download the video or the photos from Stories.
If you want to download any of those, worry not. We have a solution for it. This article is all about guiding you to save the video or photos on your device using three methods. This method works on both Android (Marshmallow/Nougat) and iOS (10/11).

Method 1: Check the hidden Whatsapp Statuses Folder

Once you tap on the status, it gets downloaded to ‘.Statuses’ folder on Android device. This folder basically exists to avoid the Whatsapp status image or video from getting saved in Gallery. In this case, you need to unhide the folder to copy Whatsapp status. In order to unhide the statuses follow the below method.

Step 1: Go to My Files -> Device Storage -> Whatsapp -> Media -> .Statuses

Step 2: You need to unhide the folder using More -> Show hidden files.

Step 3: Now you can save status images to the gallery.

Method 2: Screenshot

One of the easiest methods to save the image is to take a screenshot of it, within the specific time. Screenshots can be taken by pressing a combination of keys according to the devices. If not, there are lots of screenshot apps, you can download from Play Store. When it comes to videos, you can use screen recording to save it in your video folder.

Method 3: Story Saver for Whatsapp

Another method to save WhatsApp stories is to download Story Saver app from Play Store. This app is available for free.

Step 1: Download the Story Saver for Whatsapp app from Google Play store and install it on your device.

Step 2: Now open the app and tap on recent stories.

Step 3: Select the Video/photo stories you want to download

Step 4: Click the Download Icon in top right corner

Step 5: Now you can access the photo/video in your phone gallery.

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