How Contentmart Pays their Writers?

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Contentmart, is not just a meeting place for writers and clients. In fact, it’s much more. Their entire business model is intricately modelled in such a way that; they are able to keep both sides of the coin polished. Which basically translates to keeping both; their writers and clients happy? How do they do this? Let’s look at it, step-by-step.

Client’s first sign in, and make an account. The next thing that they do is, store some credit in their account which is the means of how they facilitate the payments to the writers for their articles. After they have stacked their account with the money, they set up an order. Here’s where the client’s benefit from the writers. Clients are charged absolutely no commission, whatsoever for the orders that they put up. However, one thing they need to be vary about is the price per article. According to the new rules of Contentmart, the minimum amount for an order is either 200 rupees or 0.40 paisa/per word for Indian clients, and 5$ or 1 cent/word for international clients.

Once the order has been put up, writers across the online network can view it and make a bid for it. As soon as the client has made up his/her decision, and awarded the order to a particular writer, the amount of money that the order was for gets deducted from his/her account. This money is in fact blocked. If the client is happy with the writer and accepts his article, the money flows from his account to the latter’s, without much inconvenience. However, if he/she isn’t particularly happy with the writer’s work despite giving him/her a number of chances to correct their mistakes, he/she can decline the article and the money which was blocked for the article will be wired back into the client’s account.

From the point of view of the writer’s, the bad part is that, all the money that they earn via a project is subject to a number of taxes, as well as some commission that is charged by Contentmart. Apart from this, the writers have to follow a couple of other rules in relation to the withdrawal of the amount they have earned. Only when one’s accounts balance on Contentmart is of a substantial sum of 3000 rupees or more, is one allowed to facilitate a withdrawal. In many of the reviews on Contentmart, this particular issue has been brought to light by many writer’s who believe that the amount should be reduced by just a fraction, if not too much.

So, when you look at this whole business model, it is not Contentmart who pays the writers but clients itself, who pay them directly on completion of the order. Contentmart, just acts like an intermediary and links these two together, charging a commission from the former, to generate its own source of revenue.

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