This is How India Car Valuation System Works – Complete Study

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It is not rare to find a car that is considered a magnum opus of the company, but gets sold at even more than half scrapped value in the Indian market, just after a couple of years of usage. It’s not a fault of the concerned seller if he/she is not aware of the right ways for India Car valuation find it here. There are so many case studies of such disappointments. Hence, it is advised to be really serious about the most compliant car valuation patterns. Well, the complete detail here is dedicated presenting you the most buzzed tricks available. Peep below.  

Don’t get random:
If you find no other way available, then taking the help of internet is certainly most recommended. But, it’s a blunder to go clueless with any price. There are so many sites available those are thoroughly dedicated to estimating the right worth of a used car. is certainly one of the finest suggestions in this regard. They are completely focused on evaluating the used cars.
Apart from this, you can also take the examples of,,, for finding a satisfactory valuation of your vehicle.
A very professional way:
 Autoinspekt is a bit distinguishing than the above names, as it is associated with one of the leading manufacturers in the Indian market, Mahindra. They employ one of the most professional ways to evaluate the right worth of a car. The chances are high for your car to get sold here, quicker than elsewhere, as they have tie-ups with numerous financial agencies, and even the manufacturers those deal with the used cars. At the same time, you need to have the following points in mind as well prior favouring these ways.
•    Going to the platforms powered by manufacturers is certainly one of the most authenticated options to get sold immediately, but you might have to compromise a bit more regarding price going this way.
•    The platforms like these employ a quite automatic way of estimating the right worth of a car. Some of they have incorporated an algorithm based approach as well for the estimation.   Hence, it is advised to register your vehicles with numerous sites as of above. Some of those might charge a few bucks, but the advantage you will get can overshadow the whole amount.
•    To expect a good value through such platforms (or elsewhere), it is highly recommended taking the vehicle to one of the most trusted service engineers.
•    Being the rider you may not find any issue, but sometimes the hidden issues remain there affecting your price to a great extent. Normally, the above issues are witnessed with parts like electrical arrangements, engine oil seepage, etc. 
Being unblemished:
Undoubtedly, India is the biggest hub for the used cars. According to the statistics, about four millions of used cars are sold in a year. In Indian markets, you can get a good value for your used car upon being flawless about the financial claims, like the insurances or down payments. If your vehicle is devoid of a properly working air conditioning system, then you are obvious to compromise some amounts.
Being Economic:
Visiting the financial centres directly has been one of the finest ways of calculating the real worth of a car. Most of the above agencies are not associated with any manufacturer; they work independently, and love to express the pattern of calculating depreciation. In fact, studies say these centres offer about fifteen percent more compliant prices in comparison to other conventional ways.
Talking about the depreciation, it varies about twenty to thirty percent for a car that is one to two years old. For those are two to three years older, the rate varies from thirty to thirty-five percent. On this context, it is always advised to sell the car prior its fourth birthday, if you wish to drag the best out of your used car.   
Talking of the other ways, using the marketing strategies like putting a banner ad on a popular daily can offer you a nice idea about the true value of a used car. People would contact you based on your ad, and the highest price reaching becomes automatically evident. Apart from this, joining the forums has been also a quite favoured way of estimating the worth of a used car in India.

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