5 Survey Programming Tools you Should Know About

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Online surveys are an effective and affordable market research technique that can be leveraged by any business organization. Online surveys are a powerful means to connect with customers and obtain their feedback and suggestions on products and services. Marketing research agencies in India and worldwide make use of online surveys to help organizations get quick insights and make better decisions. Availability of several effective online survey programming tools is making the job all the more easier. 
Online surveys involve multiple aspects such as maintenance of target audience (respondents) database, questionnaire maintenance, conducting the survey, response tracking, compiling the statistics, measuring the effectiveness of the survey, etc. Each of these aspects is important in order to ensure a successful survey. Survey programming tools are designed taking into consideration all these critical attributes. The top 5 online survey programming tools that are used by leading data collection companies in India as well as worldwide include:
1) Confirmit

Confirmit is industry’s leading survey programming tool that enables businesses to listen to their customers, market and even employees and make decisions to drive business growth. It is an innovative research tool that provides a 360 degree view of customers and market and offers richer insights leading to smarter decisions and faster actions. 
Confirmit Horizons is a complete online survey package made up of all essential features that include survey design, panel management, data collection, data integration, social media, text analytics, reporting & analysis, action management, etc. Marketing research agencies in India regard it as one of the best survey tools because of its robust scalable platform, state of the art data security, detailed reporting feature, innumerable add-on features, excellent training support, and easy handling of large scale surveys. 
2) Sawtooth

Sawtooth is a popular survey tool that allows complex conjoint studies and analyses with multiple scenarios, Max-diff exercises, and market simulations. Conjoint analysis helps businesses understand and predict customer choices using different scenarios such as change in product pricing, design etc. Max-diff exercises help organizations gain insights into what’s really important for customers and what they actually prefer and thus eliminates scale-based ratings. Market simulations help in predicting what products customers would actually choose under different scenarios. 
3) QuestionPro

QuestionPro is an intuitive online survey tool that is designed to create surveys, collect responses using multiple channels including social media, and analyze the data leveraging a full set of built-in reporting features and analytics tools.    
4) Nebu

If you are looking for a comprehensive and cost effective survey programming tool, Nebu is a great option. Dub InterViewer is their most sought after data collection software that allows you to conduct surveys using multiple modes – web, face-to-face and telephone. Dub InterViewer comes with several features including quick and simple survey creation, pre-designed survey templates, multilingual surveys, flexibility, scalability, robust database management, and multi-mode data collection platform. 
5) Kinesis

Kinesis Survey is an innovative survey tool that allows you to engage with your respondents. Serving both web based and mobile based research and data collection, this tool makes use of integrated flash, drag and drop functionality and other interactive techniques resulting in faster survey completions, higher fills rates, and lower project completion costs. The tool also offers real time reporting features. 
Reputed data collection companies in India are using these survey programming tools to deliver quality and effective market research services to their clients.  

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